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Georisk International : about us

GEORISK INTERNATIONAL was born from expertise in different areas related to geological phenomena and the risk management associated with them. In this way, technicians at GEORISK INTERNATIONAL have a wide background and experience in the field of management and consultancy, as well as studies related to natural hazards.


GEORISK INTERNATIONAL is created to advise, research and conduct technical notes and reports, managing geological hazards associated with different natural phenomena, as well as manage their risk over different vulnerable infrastructures exposed to these phenomena, and, of course, to protect people.


GEORISK INTERNATIONAL has the most up-to-date software to give a precise answer to the needs of our customers; in this way the following specific software is included: RAMMS:Debrisflow,  RAMMS:Rockfall (Swiss WSL official testes), RAMMS::Avalanche, RAMMS:Shallow landslide (under development), GEOSLOPE, PLAXIS, SWEDGE, SLIDE, etc.


GEORISK INTERNATIONAL was born with the ambition to be a leading international company in the field of natural risk management.

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