GEORISK INTERNATIONAL is synonimous with qualified advice on natural hazards. We give advise and assistance in all areas related to natural hazards; from previous short-term studies to long-term protection projects. We also manage risks and natural disasters related emergencies.


Detailed studies

RAMMS:Rockfall simulations

Protection and stabilization projects

Snow avalanches

Detailed studies

RAMMS:Avalanche simulations

Protection projects

Debris flows

Detailed studies

RAMMS:Debrisflow simulations

Protection projects


Detailed studies

Earth monitoring

Stability analysis with PLAXIS, GEOSLOPE...

Rivers and gullies

Sediment transportation studies, flash floods, hyperconcentrated flows,

HEC-RAS and others

Emergency management

Quick response and management in emergencies due to natural hazards. 

Civil protection emergency plans

Advice is based on experience and expertise: learn more about the basics of our work and about GEORISK INTERNATIONAL management. Planning, management and resources optimization, and also a rapid response are some examples that we can offer: we will provide all the support and advice needed.

Technical Assessor in Central and South America, Spain, Andorra and New Zealand

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